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autokitchen® Studio 23 is the ideal software for independent designers, remodelers, architects and anyone who requires ease of design along with quality presentations. This affordable design software can be upgraded as your design needs and business grow.

autokitchen® Studio 23 is very versatile and rich in features, and will bring realism, speed, and accuracy to the task of designing a kitchen or bathroom. With autokitchen® Studio 23 you dive into design mode right away and create the space in minutes. A wide selection of kitchen cabinetry, appliances and accessories is readily available and can be inserted in your design in a few seconds.

Main features of autokitchen Studio 23, the kitchen design software. Fast, reliable, easy to use, easy to learn and AutoCAD compatible.
autokitchen® Studio 23 project plans are clean and attractive looking. Floor plans can be instantly generated according to industry standards. Perspective views and color renders are also readily available and will help your customers visualize the space with true photorealism.

All autokitchen® Studio 23 documents can be printed in a variety of formats and in different sizes. The printouts can include up to four different views per page. Printouts typically include one of several professional looking title blocks available, which can be personalized to include your business logo and contact information.

The autokitchen® Studio 23 drawing files are native .dwg files, the same file format already used by thousands of architects, builders and cabinet makers across the globe. In addition to be used by autokitchen®, these autokitchen® .dwg files can be opened with AutoCAD or with any .dwg viewer.
 Main Features 
  • Work in floor plan, in perspective view or in elevation view. You can split the screen and have two views open simultaneously.
  • Locate, place and move cabinets quickly. Modify them on the fly, before or after placement.
  • Color your renders instantaneously using fast shade, or create photorealistic renders with different levels of resolution.
  • Create hand-drawn effect automatically.
  • Print to PDF or to paper in any format sizes including large sizes.
  • Share your projects with anybody without restrictions.

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