The Catalog Editor lets you create your own cabinetry catalogs. You can also modify any of the existing catalogs that come with autokitchen® PRO and assign them a new name. In order to create your own cabinetry catalog, you can start from scratch or you cam use one of the existing catalogs as a baseline and then apply modifications to it.

Main Features of the Catalog Editor. An add-on utility for autokitchen® PRO users who need to create their own cabinetry catalogs.
 Catalog Editor Main Features 

Some of the tasks you can do with the new Catalog Editor include changing cabinet labels, modifying existing cabinets, creating new cabinets, creating new door/drawer configurations, altering door/drawer dimensions, altering door/drawer gaps, altering hardware placement, modifying crown or light rail position and many others.

autokitchen Catalog Editor.
In addition, with the Catalog Editor you can customize the dimensions of the main cabinet parts so that the Parts List generated in autokitchen® PRO matches the exact dimensions based on how the cabinetry is produced and assembled.

If needed, the Catalog Editor also lets you insert your own AutoCAD® 3D blocks into a catalog. This is typically used to complete a catalog by entering certain appliances, plumbing equipment, wood carvings, moldings and other obejcts.

The Catalog Editor can also be used to insert new cabinetry materials or to alter the existing ones.

Customization Options

All cabinet modifications created via the Catalog Editor can be automatically exported to Estimate so that quotes can be generated from a design using the new or modified catalog.

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