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We have the right kitchen design software solution for everyone: architects and builders use autokitchen PRO and STUDIO to design kitchens and generate 3D images.

With either version of autokitchen® -Studio or PRO- you can draw the floor plan of a house in minutes. Draw the perimeter walls, and then create the partition or internal walls. You can design in floor plan and see the drawing simultaneously in floor plan and perspective view. The resulting file, a native DWG, can be used in AutoCAD®.

With autokitchen® PRO you can insert a layout or blueprint created in AutoCAD® directly into autokitchen® and trace it in minutes. For architectural companies working closely with kitchen design firms, autokitchen® is convenient. The same project file can be shared by all professionals involved in the project. The native DWG file eliminates the editing, double drawing and trouble shooting required when using closed, proprietary file formats.

autokitchen® PRO users also have the option to purchase the Microcad Software Block Editor, a utility that includes hundreds of 3D objects to furnish other rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Designed in Microcad autodecco, The interior design software
Designed in Microcad autodecco®.

Microcad Software recommends autokitchen® PRO + Block Editor or autokitchen® Studio for builders and architects.

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