Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

We have the right kitchen design software solution for everyone: with autokitchen, cabinet manufacturers get detailed lists about every cabinet, including the reference number, pulls, doors, etc.

autokitchen® PRO can include a specific manufacturer cabinetry catalog, cabinet references and prices, or both. In either case, autokitchen® eliminates the need for a manual inventory or list of all the elements to order from a cabinet making company. A project list is automatically generated from within autokitchen®. For designers working with a manufacturer catalog available in autokitchen®, the project list will automatically match the cabinet company coding and descriptions.

When you work with any of the autokitchen® universal catalogs, you can customize this list to include specific manufacturer codes and descriptions. In addition, the project list can be submitted as an XML file and linked to the manufacturer systems.

autokitchen® Studio is also available as a pack or block of licenses with a specific manufacturer catalog. This offering is perfect for kitchen dealers who work exclusively with one cabinet line because it reduces the cost per license dramatically. Block licenses can be done with the quote module Estimate or as stand alone Estimate block. In this last scenario, Estimate is distributed among kitchen dealers for convenience, accuracy and ease of ordering.

Designed in Microcad autokitchen, The kitchen design software
Designed in Microcad autokitchen®.

Microcad Software recommends autokitchen® PRO and Estimate for kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

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