Editor / Customizer Comparison

The Catalog Editor is an optional add-on utility used to create cabinetry catalogs in autokitchen® PRO. The Catalog Customizer is a utility included with autokitchen® PRO and is used to alter basic cabinetry parameters in the custom catalogs.

The main differences between both programs are shown below:

Features by Product Catalog Editor (Optional) Catalog Customizer (Included)
Create new catalogs. Yes No
Modify Custom Catalogs (including dimensions, descriptions and cabinet labels). Yes Yes
Add new cabinets to catalog. Yes No
Delete existing cabinets from catalog. Yes Yes
Configure catalog based on cabinetry construction parameters. Yes No
Modify or add Door/Drawer configurations. Yes No
Add appliances. Yes No
Add or modify materials. Yes Yes
Add doors and cabinet hardware (Blocks). Yes No
Add parametric doors. No No

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